Three Ways to Have a Stand Out Halloween Party

Ghoulish Décor

White sheets with holes for eyes, uh no. Invest in a fog machine. Go to your favorite craft store and pick up large Styrofoam and create tombstones with clever headings. Pick up a few skeleton heads and place them in locations you know will scare the heck out of someone. Don’t forget to play Michael Jackson’s Thriller throughout the night.

Host a Costume Contest

You might want to make it mandatory for guests to wear costumes. Have several contests throughout the evening from scariest costume to the most creative costume, etc. and provide cool gifts. I mean after all they put a lot of thought in their costume.

Provide Scary Edibles

Not just the bubbling red “blood” drink; think outside the box. Make your guests have second thoughts about whether or not they’d want to eat it, but make sure it IS delicious. Scary food that is nasty is a no-no!

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